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Diversified Investment Portfolio

Many investors view Fixed Income investments as part of any diversified investment portfolio, providing low volatility of returns and regular income. There are a numerous Fixed Interest investments readily accessible to clients. These vary from cash and term deposits, to Government and corporate bonds and hybrid securities.

Bonds Services

Medallion Financials Bonds Service gives clients access either on a direct investment basis to high yield and investment grade bonds, or through Listed Investment Trusts (LITs) or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Traditionally, corporate bonds were restricted to $500,000 parcels. Through Medallion Financials Bonds Service hundreds of
bonds offering a mix of fixed, floating and inflation-linked rates are made accessible to wholesale private wealth clients.

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As a client of Medallion Financials Bonds Service, you will work with a private client adviser who will help with establishing a fixed income portfolio, provide investing ideas and general advice.

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