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Limited & exclusive access to corporate IPO's

On occasions we will provide our clients with exclusive access to a range of corporate IPO’s and capital raising opportunities.

We have relationships with various parties for access to domestic primary and secondary offerings, including IPO's on the ASX; listed debt or hybrid security offers on the ASX; and institutional placements, entitlement offers and block trades.

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Domestic Offering

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Primary Offering

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Bond Issuance

Bonds which are purchased over-the-counter (OTC) are required to be held with a licensed custodian until the bond matures or the investor decides to sell. As CHESS does not cater for OTC bonds, Medallion uses the custodial services provided by the National Australia Bank (NAB) who hold an electronic record of an investor’s beneficial ownership of a bond.

NAB will also provide a range of services including account administration, transaction settlements and reporting.

The Medallion Financials Bonds Service also gives clients access on a direct investment basis to high yield and investment grade bonds.

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