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At Medallion Financial we look to provide a range of private wealth advisory services, with a particular focus on the equity and fixed income markets, both locally and internationally.

Our clients range from individuals, companies, families, trusts, SMSF’s as well as charitable organisations and foundations. Our unique investment approach has been strengthened by strategic partnerships with industry leaders. This enables us to provide clients with investment solutions across a range of investment opportunities.

About Medallion Financial


Medallion Financial

Medallion Financial is a financial services firm for individuals, families, businesses and charitable organisations.

We will look to simplify financial affairs by protecting and growing wealth in the equity markets through expert general advice. We will offer a unique investment capability to clients seeking to achieve real growth of their asset base through a highly disciplined approach to managing the risks and rewards associated with equity market investing.

At Medallion, we believe in keeping things simple. Following the simple investment approach of identifying sectors of the economy that are booming, before going a step further and selecting established businesses within those sectors that are financially sound.



What the Medallion team stands by

We pride ourselves on being patient and vigilant. While companies don’t necessarily change in value over short periods of time, sentiment and share prices often do. For that reason, we have a conservative investment philosophy and will only look to deploy cash when the risk and reward profile makes sense.








Minimising risks in our clients' investments

Our mission is to help clients minimise any risks that could be detrimental to the performance of their portfolio, and to help investors identify new opportunities and investment ideas that could help deliver superior outcomes for clients.

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Identify opportunities_grey-01.png

Identify Opportunities

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Deliver Superior Outcomes



The professionals behind Medallion Financial

Having worked together for many years, our people understand the value of teamwork in order to provide an exceptional level of personal service to you. In delivering advice and forming markets views, your adviser is supported by an experienced team of investment specialists.

This team draws on a range of renowned external research providers from across the investment world. Medallions own perspectives are integrated into a robust investment process to produce a profound analysis of asset classes, geographic markets, industry sectors, as well as individual entities.

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Our People


The Medallion Financial investment approach

Medallion will look to employ a Top-Down and Bottom-Up investment approach which implores investors to take note of the global economy before delving into the fundamentals of specific businesses.


When investing in the stock market we are of the belief that it is imperative to employ a strategy, and a plan of attack to improves one's chances of achieving success.

Analyse Global Macroeconomic Trends

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At Medallion we will analyse the global macroeconomic environment to monitor potential sources of risk, and determine the geographical regions that we believe offer the greatest opportunity for growth. 

Monitor Key

Financial Metrics

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The aim is to identify businesses with sound and consistent financial metrics that highlight a businesses profitability, operating efficiency, and liquidity over
a meaningful period of time.

Identify the
Target Sectors

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By Identifying economic themes and fundamental changes in the business landscape we are able to focus our attention towards the market sectors that offer the brightest outlook.


portfolio management_red-01.png

Investors need to be highly selective
when managing the makeup of
their portfolios to ensure they are appropriately compensated in
proportion to the risk they take on.

Identifying businesses with attractive fundamentals

We will look to identify economic themes and fundamental changes in the business landscape and focus our attention towards the market sectors that offer the brightest outlook. It is our belief that quality businesses in growing sectors have a better probability of delivering reliable revenue, earnings, & dividend income growth.

The investment strategy focuses on businesses within the ASX 300, investing in a combination of direct shares, listed investment companies (LIC’s) and exchange traded funds (ETF’s) both with a local and international focus.


When investing in the stock market we are of the belief that it is imperative to employ a strategy, a plan of attack that has the potential to improve one’s chances of achieving success. By implementing and constantly adhering to a certain ‘screening’ process Medallion can narrow their focus towards opportunities that meet certain criteria.

"We pride ourselves on being patient & vigilant"

Share prices fluctuate for all kinds of reasons but while companies don’t necessarily change in value over short periods of time, sentiment often does. For that reason, we have a conservative investment philosophy and will only look to deploy cash when then risk and reward profile makes sense.

Top-Down, Bottom-Up Approach
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Stock Selection

Attractive Fundamentals

Competitive Advantage

Management & Stewardship

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Monetary & Fiscal Policy

Identify Growth Sectors

Monitoring Business Cycles

Investment Strategy
Platforms & Security


Highest level of Security for our clients

Our business model is structured to provide the highest level of security for clients. This includes segregation of client accounts and utilising industry leading strategic partners for certain functions such as securities dealing and settlements, cash management and custody assets.

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Share Market Services

For client convenience Medallion Financial will look to facilitate portfolio transactions through a number of trading platforms including CommSec, NAB and Open Markets. In each instance clients will have their own segregated trading account, HIN and cash settlement account established with one of Australia’s leading banking institutions.

We also offer clients automated portfolio administration and reporting services through various wealth management platforms. By mitigating the burden of administration of your investment portfolio, you and your adviser can focus on the more important matters.


Bonds Services

Bonds which are purchased over-the-counter (OTC) are required to be held with a licensed custodian until the bond matures or the investor decides to sell.

As CHESS does not cater for OTC bonds, Medallion uses the custodial services provided by the National Australia Bank (NAB) who hold an electronic record of an investor’s beneficial ownership of a bond.

NAB will also provide a range of services including account administration, transaction settlements and reporting.


Compliance & Monitoring

We are regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission
(ASIC) and as such we maintain risk and compliance practices to provide appropriate oversight and compliance with the requirements of a Corporate authorised representative of an Australian Financial Services Licence provider.



What our clients ask the Medallion team


Who can invest in Medallion?

Medallion Financial works with all types of clients ranging from individuals, self-managed super funds, trusts and charitable organisations. Whether clients have been investing for many decades or are just starting out, information is power, and we believe our research and investment strategy can benefit any investor.


What sort of timeframe should I
be thinking about when I invest?

At Medallion Financial we look at both short and long-term opportunities.
Keeping this in mind, to form a reasonable judgement and get the most out of equity markets, we recommend an investment time frame of at least 12 months.

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What's your investment style?

Medallion will look to employ a Top-Down and Bottom-Up investment approach which implores investors to take note of the global economy before conducting fundamental analysis to find businesses that meet our financial criteria. Finally, we use technical indicators to help in determining the correct entry and exit strategy.

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