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Investment Strategy

At Medallion Financial we believe the market evolves in cycles and we will aim to deliver risk adjusted returns that build wealth over the long term. Medallion will look to employ a Top-Down investment approach which implores investors to take note of the global economy before delving into the fundamentals of specific businesses.

We will look to identify economic themes and fundamental changes in the business landscape and focus our attention towards the market sectors that offer the brightest outlook. It is our belief that it is these sectors that will provide companies with the best opportunities to grow earnings and dividends over the medium to long term.

The investment strategy focuses on businesses within the ASX 300, investing in a combination of direct shares, listed investment companies (LIC’s) and exchange traded funds (ETF’s). When investing in the stock market we are of the belief that it is imperative to employ a strategy, a plan of attack that has the potential to improve one’s chances of achieving success.

We pride ourselves on being patient and vigilant. Share prices fluctuate for all kinds of reasons but while Companies don’t necessarily change in value over short periods of time, sentiment often does. For that reason, we have a conservative investment philosophy and will only look to deploy cash when then risk and reward profile makes sense.

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