Dividends: Are you tired of the same old names? – Switzer Daily 22.4.18

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In the present environment of falling share prices for banks, insurers and telecommunications, many of the traditional ‘go-to’ dividend favourites are heaping pressure on many investors portfolio valuations. The fact is the habitual preference for some of these well-known businesses, although familiar and marketable, can be counterproductive to investment performance. As a general rule we

Livewire Markets:Our Top Dividend Pick 26.4.18

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So far 2018 has begun just as 2017 finished, with the established ‘more mature’ businesses, as categorised by the ASX top 20, underperforming their smaller cousins. Typically, these larger more mature businesses are synonymous with stable dividends and income, naturally luring those investors whose stage in the investment lifecycle preferences income over growth. As a

Livewire Markets: Why aren’t rising rates hitting gold? 22.3.18

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Gold is holding up despite an environment of rising bond yields that are traditionally a headwind for the metal. With this relationship breaking down, we look at what is supporting gold, and nominate our preferred exposures in the sector. Bonds and gold's inverse relationship breaking down As illustrated in the chart below, a strong inverse

The Bull: Buy – Hold – Sell 19.3.18

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BUY Recommendations   IDP Education (ASX: IEL)     A world leader in international student placement services. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) business delivered 28 per cent growth in the 2018 first half compared to the prior corresponding period, while placement services delivered 46 per cent growth. Strong volume growth in international markets,

Livewire Markets: Don’t buy value just for value’s sake 7.3.18

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Don't buy value just for value's sake To assist investors in navigating these increasingly uncertain times, we have tried to distill in this wire some of the key themes to emerge out of earnings season. We also nominate one of our top picks in the mid-cap education space with some of the key traits we

Switzer Daily – The Experts 22.12.2017

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The best and worst sectors of 2017   As 2017 draws to a close, it gives investors the opportunity to reflect on the year just past, and use those reflections to prepare for the year ahead. The last year was a successful one for most key asset classes, with shares, property and fixed income securities

Buy – Hold – Sell 5.02.2018

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BUY Recommendations   Speedcast International (ASX: SDA)   An emerging business that provides satellite based communication networks and services. SDA buys satellite capacity from operators and then resells the satellite usage and telecommunication services to more than 100 different customers primarily operating in remote locations, such as ships and offshore oil rigs. The company continues

Buy – Hold – Sell October

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BUY Recommendations   Ramsay Health Care (ASX: RHC)     The share price of this private hospital operator had dived more than 25 per cent since August 2016. The domestic business continues to progress strongly, although the overseas operations, which generate almost 50 per cent of profits, have recently been weaker.   However, weakness in

Half Time – Reporting Season FY17

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Michael Wayne from Medallion Financial provides an update, halfway through the reporting season: The reporting season thus far has been very intriguing. At first glimpse, the perception is the reporting thus far has been poor, but closer inspection indicates that it’s primarily been the larger cap businesses within the ASX top 50 that have underwhelmed

Buy – Hold – Sell featured in The Bull

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BUY Recommendations Bapcor (ASX: BAP) This automotive aftermarket parts provider is arguably one of the brightest prospects in the consumer discretionary space. The business recently delivered an impressive report, which highlighted strong margin growth, same store sales and cash generation. Although debt levels remain relatively high after a series of acquisitions, impressive free cash