Livewire Markets: The golden age of banking is over 12.11.18

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The golden age of banking is over If you’d held banking shares for the last 30 years, and those share prices and dividends had increased in most of those years with only a few hiccups, one can understand the sentimentality and attractiveness these names carry in the minds of investors. This, of course, doesn’t make

Livewire Markets: Crash or Correction 2018 (2.0) 11.10.18

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Crash or Correction 2018 (2.0) Overnight falls of 3.2% for the DOW (3.30% for S&P, 4.40% NASDAQ) are reminiscent of January-February 2018, and just like then it feels very unpleasant. However as always perspective is required when trying to ascertain whether this is a transitionary correction or the start of something more sinister. After a

Livewire Markets: Buy Hold Sell: 5 undiscovered growth stocks 24.8.18

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Growth stock such as Wisetech, Altium, and Afterpay have seen sensational gains this week, underscoring the power of backing the right growth names. However this strategy has been working for a few years now, and it is harder for investors to come across new ideas today. While tech and healthcare themes have been good for

Livewire Markets: The end of the mining cycle? 22.8.18

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After a stellar two-year run that saw the ASX 300 Metals & Mining Index more than double, it has slipped by 10% in 3 months as trade tensions and China data hit sentiment. So, is this the beginning of the end for the current cycle, or it is just another speed bump along the way?

Livewire Markets: Buy-Hold-Sell 5 stocks that beat expectations 17.8.18

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Results for some of the biggest stocks on the ASX have started to drop and a few have delivered above expectations. While the immediate pop on the day is like a sugar hit for investors, evidence shows this outperformance can extend for months to follow. In this episode of Buy Hold Sell, we’ve picked out

Livewire Markets: ‘Old-world’ versus the ‘new-age’ 24.7.18

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The ASX 20 has been a consistent underperformer in recent years leading some to conclude that after persistent underperformance, a reversal is due to take place between the ‘big’ end of town, and the ‘smaller’ business that sit outside those largest 20 companies on the ASX. We’d caution against jumping into such lazy analysis. Looking

Livewire Markets: Resmed: Our 3 key takeaways 3.8.18

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Medical device manufacturer and distributor ResMed Inc delivered their full-year result today. We highlight our three key takeaways from the report, share our view on the stock and focus on something that we feel the market has underappreciated. As has become custom over the years, the numbers make for good reading. The result was in

The Bull: Buy – Hold – Sell 2.7.18

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BUY RECOMMENDATIONS InvoCare (IVC) Chart: Share price over the year   Provides funeral services in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. The stock is down about 25 per cent since its high of  $18.15 late last year. The company closed sites to complete refurbishments as part of its ‘Protect and Grow’ strategy. Investors reacted by over

Livewire Markets: One company that passed our nine-point checklist 31.5.18

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With over 2000 companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange it is impossible for an individual to be adequately across all the businesses in that investment universe. Therefore, the question is, how do investors identify which businesses to invest in? Although this may appear to be a simple question, the reality is somewhat more complicated

The Bull: Buy – Hold – Sell 30.4.18

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BUY RECOMMENDATIONS Technology One (TNE) Chart: Share price over the year   Australia’s largest provider and consultant of enterprise software. TNE has delivered many consecutive years of record revenues, licences and profit, which has been driven by its cloud and mobile first strategy. The transition into cloud product is gaining momentum as more customers move